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This is where we deliver our sessions to 6-11 year old children, inspiring them in Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering.

What happens?

Each student starts with the instructor, who introduces the Science, Technology, science300Engineering or Maths idea they will be looking at this week.

  • They are given an AE set of LEGO® and an instruction sheet for the model they will build.
  • As they build, they are helped as necessary by the instructor technology300or assistant.
  • Once the model is complete, they are given a curriculum-linked worksheet, based on their school level (KS1, KS2 Lower, KS2 Higher) to complete.
  • Once complete, they share this with the instructor engineering300who gives some more suggestions on how the model could be modified or improved.  They have some time to modify, experiment on and play with the model, showing their parents if they want.
  • Finally, the model is disassembled and the parts put back in the set box.maths300
  • Each student then puts their worksheet in their file (which they take home).  On the back of the worksheet are some questions to prepare for next week’s model.
  • In some centres, children have the chance to use the free-play area to exercise their creativity.  There is no time limit on the free-play, or on the model build, however we have found that children typically take about an hour to complete the model build and worksheet.


St Michael's CE VC Primary School, Ratcliffe Drive, Stoke Gifford, Bristol.On September 10th 2015, we opened a centre in Garden Fields JMI School, Townsend Drive St Albans, Hertfordshire AL3 5RL.  You can use the links below to book a place at this centre.

Leatherhead area has a centre in Fetcham, opened May 4th 2016.

Our latest centre opened in Bradley Stoke, Bristol on 2nd September 2017

 If you want to be kept informed of the latest developments (and when you can sign up for any new centres), drop us an email at Info@awesome-engineers.com with your contact details and we will put you on the mailing list.  Alternatively, like our Facebook page.  We are always on the lookout for more people to work with us as instructors or assistants too, so if you would like to help set up a centre in your area, let us know.

Each centre has its own opening times, so check on the individual centre page to find relevant details.

How to book and pay

Parents can select a start time for the structured session each week.

To reserve your child a place at a particular centre, go to the relevant centre page (links below) for a registration form and payment details.

St Albans (Garden Fields)

Leatherhead (Fetcham)

Bristol (Bradley Stoke)


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