Summer Holiday Lego Party – Booking NOW!

AE party summer 2018

Morning session 09:30-12:30
Afternoon session 14:00-17:00

£25 per child for single session (either morning or afternoon)
£40 per child for whole day (morning AND afternoon)
£60 family ticket for 2 children for whole day (one adult may stay)
Concessions available for larger families, please ask!

Sacred Heart RC Church Hall, Park Street, Berkhamstead, HP4 1HX

Contact or 07872 610750


  • Do you provide lunch or refreshments?
    No – we do not provide food or refreshments. The venue has a kitchen and we will store any packed lunches, snacks or drinks there. The children are welcome to stay over the lunch period but we will be re-organising and tidying the hall for the afternoon Session so no activities will be carry out between 12:30 – 14:00. The venue also has a garden which if the weather is suitable can be used for lunch. Alternatively if you have purchased a Whole Day ticket you can collect your children for lunch and return for the afternoon Session. There are several suitable restaurants and outlets nearby. 
  • Can parents stay?
    Yes you are welcome to stay with your children and join in the fun. However due to space considerations we ask that only one adult per group attend at any one time.
  • Can I drop my children off in the morning and pick them up at 17:00 pm?
    Yes provided you have given your children adequate snacks and drinks (see above) , have provided your contact details and have bought a day ticket.
  • Can the children keep the LEGO?
    Unfortunately not. Some of our events do offer a make and take and there may be a limited opportunity to do this but we cannot guarantee this. All of our models are under copyright and not are commercially available. We believe that our event offers great value for money. And each child will receive a certificate to take away!
  • Why do you need their ages?
    Our models are designed to be build by 5 – 11 year olds. However although the models are the same the interaction and time to complete will vary KS1/KS2L/KS2Us. Also the Tower Build Challenge is a team activity so we would like to plan the group in advance.
  • Why are you looking for a “new home in Berkhamsted” and what does that mean?
    AE deliver programmes around STEM subjects and we are looking to set up regular Sessions in Berkhamsted, usually hosted in schools. Our nearest “Centre” at present is a school in St Albans. Click here to see what we do.
  • Are the children safeguarded?
    The Sessions will be run by a qualified AE Instructor who is DBS cleared. The Instructor will be supported by one or more Assistants to support the activities. We are also fully insured.
  • Are the activities suitable for boys and girls?
    Absolutely – In fact one of our missions is to encourage more female engineers!

    For further information please do contact or 0787 2610750.

Enrichment Days

Our enrichment day sessions have been developed to help children in KS1-KS3 to learn concepts in STEM subjects through first-hand experience using expertly designed Lego® models. The sessions are engaging and enjoyable allowing children to become actively involved in their learning in-line with the curriculum while also developing additional skills and new experiences. We have developed over 80 STEM sessions from which to choose from or we are happy to discuss bespoke STEM sessions so support your specific requirements and areas of learning.

We have run several enrichment days recently in schools which were enthusiastically received; details of which are available on request. Please contact us if your school would be interested in an enrichment day, or you have a group that would like a taster session.

Corporate Events

Our corporate events involve team challenges solved using LEGO® components. A typical session lasts 2.5-3 hours for 10-30 participants. We are happy to have a chat about bespoke sessions to meet your specific requirements.

“Awesome Engineers provided a professional, fun and well-delivered team building event for us in January 2018. It was huge hit with everyone who attended and we will definitely be back for a new challenge soon!”
(Testimonial from a Senior Manager of a High-Technology company near Watford)


Our workshops are fun-packed one hour sessions with LEGO® model displays, free play, and a classroom session. These are run at half term, Easter, or during the summer holidays. We are very happy to discuss your requirements for a workshop in your local area.


Professor Ernie Experiment will get children excited about Science and Maths!

Awesome Engineers

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