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St. Albans Centre

Garden Fields JMI School, Townsend Dr, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL3 5RL

Awesome Engineers are in St Albans.  This means that you can sign up to build a LEGO model with us each week, discovering more about Science and Maths as you do so.  Each week, you will complete a worksheet on the model, which collects together to provide a record of all the new ideas you have discovered by making the models.

FOR PARENTS – Once you have registered your child with the local Awesome Engineers Centre, they will attend each week, at the time that suits you best during our opening hours (4-6pm Thursday, 10am-1pm Saturday).  They will Charlie Ford 2 photocomplete a model and associated worksheet, taking around 1 hour.  You need to arrange with the instructor when you are planning to attend (to avoid too many children being there at the same time), but there is always some flexibility on this.  If your child arrives early, or finishes before you are ready to pick them up, they have the chance to get creative with the free-play LEGO.  Included with each week’s  worksheet is an introduction to next week’s topic, which can be completed at home.  We would ask parents to spend some time with their children looking at these questions, to prepare them for the following week’s learning.

How to book and pay

Parents can select a start time for the structured session each week.  Click to download our Centre Regisration Form.  Complete this form and scan and email it to info@awesome-engineers.com.  Alternatively, drop in to the centre to deliver it.  If you want to talk to the instructor or check the suitability for your child, you can contact us either at info@awesome-engineers.com or by phone on 07872 610750.

pay-with-gocardlessBy far the easiest way to pay is by monthly direct debit.  Currently this costs £33/month for the first child, or £17/month for subsequent brothers or sisters at the St Albans Centre.  You will be advised 3 days before the first payment is taken and before any changes are made to the direct debit.  This price halved for the first month, if your child starts half way through the month.  Click this icon to sign up.

Please note, these prices do not include VAT, as we are currently not registered.  Once we do have to start adding VAT, the prices will have to increase.

Alternatively, you can buy 10 sessions at a time for £100, to be taken over a period of not more than 4 months, paying by PayPal.  As with direct debit, subsequent sisters or brothers can sign up at half price.


10 sessions for £100

10 sessions (sibling) £50

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