Awesome Engineers Ltd is proud to support Fairy Bricks.

Fairy Bricks was formed by three friends, Julie, Kevin and Martyn who have a love and passion for all things LEGO®, they buy, collect and build sets. Julie in particular enjoys creating her own models and displaying them in the UK and overseas. Following some successful fund raising between friends and seeing the impact it had on the children who received the sets, they decided to found Fairy Bricks to enable them to assist more hospitals. LEGO® is a consistent favourite toy for children, encouraging imagination, creativity and learning through play.

Play is an important part of any child’s development. It is their primary means of discovery and learning from the moment they are born. Play in hospital is just as important as it provides the children with normality throughout their stay. The benefits of play in hospital are numerous. Play and recreation helps the children/teenagers focus on happy positive activities, therefore reducing worries and anxieties about their illness or treatment. Play and recreation also gives them the chance to channel their frustrations and also as a distraction. When children are immersed in play they forget about what’s around them.

Donations of LEGO® sets to hospitals and hospices have proved to be very popular, both with the children and with the staff.

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Miss Siema Short-Circuit helps Awesome Engineers support Fairy Bricks!

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