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We can offer the following, which we believe will have numerous benefits in science, maths and cross-curricular skills to your pupils and school:

  • A free after-school taster session introducing Awesome Engineers Ltd to pupils and parents, designed to promote our local centres (currently available in St Albans, Bristol and Leatherhead).
  • An enrichment day providing groups of pupils the chance to build LEGO® machines (chosen by their class teachers to fit with their current position in the curriculum), supported by appropriately age targeted worksheets. This may be eligible for support from the Royal Institution through their STEM grants. Take a look at our Events page for further information about enrichment days. Contact us for a more detailed quote for your school.
  • A regular after-school club, working through different Programmes each term, developing their understanding of Science and Maths concepts. (This has also been used as a special lesson during school time by some schools). This can be paid for by parents, or subsidised by the school. Several schools have found sources of funding, including using Pupil Premium, to support these clubs.
  • A cluster licence for a group of schools. This would involve a nominated person from the cluster being trained as an Awesome Engineers Instructor. They would be loaned Awesome Engineers Ltd sets and provided with instructions and worksheets to enable them to run LEGO® classes in each of the participating schools

We provide an Instructor and for larger classes an Assistant , LEGO® sets suitable for both building the basic models and allowing extension work. A full set of instruction sheets are available for each chosen model, with appropriate worksheets targeted at either KS1, KS2 lower or KS2 higher, linked in to the curriculum.

Advantages of the Awesome Engineers Program

  • Our programmes have been specifically based on the Primary School Curriculum and support better achievement in STEM subjects
  • Develops motor skills and dexterity
  • Improves spatial awareness, peripheral vision, concentration, focus and much more
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Develops the ability to analyze engineering challenges
  • Stimulates an interest in science and engineering
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Strengthens social aptitude by developing communication and interpersonal skills
  • Expands horizons and inspires curiosity
  • Great for special needs such as ADHD, PDD, Autism, vision and hearing impaired as well as intellectually gifted children’s programs
  • Arithmetic – Due to the calculations required to understand the dynamics of the different components, the instructor has the opportunity to teach mathematics, starting at counting, measuring, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, extending to symmetry, geometry and various other topics.
  • Famous Scientific and Philosophical figures – different models open opportunities to introduce Archimedes, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, Bernoulli etc. and how their theories or discoveries relate to our lives today through the models constructed.
  • Powers and principles in physics – Gravity, Newton’s laws of motion, centrifugal and centripetal forces, moments of inertia, potential energy, green energy, lift, drag and thrust, centre of gravity, fulcrum, load division, energy efficiency, angular momentum and more.”

The best way to see how your pupils can benefit from these programmes is to see the sets and models for yourself. We can arrange a visit to your school, bringing example models and worksheets, to help you see how this works and to answer any other questions. This should not take more than half an hour (unless people get really enthusiastic).

Initial inquiries should be directed to info@awesome-engineers.com, or by telephone to 07872 610750.

Quotes from children at Chigwell School, Essex where we delivered an Enrichment Day:

“It was great fun! We got to learn about a new force and make cool crafts out of Lego”

“The instructors were kind and made the lesson such fun, we learnt so much”

“It was really fun”

“It was exciting experimenting with different lego pieces”

“The engineer workshop was awesome”

“It was entertaining”

“I learnt something new that I could do with Lego”

“Although it was fun, I learnt a lot more about Forces”

Professor Ernie Experiment will get children excited about Science and Maths!

Awesome Engineers

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