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Keep your Awesome Engineer engaged at home!

What is AE for Home Educators? – Awesome Engineers started off in the classroom but is now available to our home educator community. When you sign up, your child will receive their own toolbox which contains everything they need to build the models. Each week we will send you build instructions and a learning worksheet for a new model, which have been designed by our dedicated team of Education and Lego experts. You are then completely free to complete the build when it is convenient to you. For more information about Awesome Engineers, visit our ABOUT US page. Have a look at one of our Awesome Engineers in action below.


  • Rent your child’s dedicated AE@home TOOLBOX
  • We supply you with specially written BUILD INSTRUCTIONS and WORKSHEETS so that your child can participate in the AE programme at a time of your convenience and in your own home
  • Educational and great fun!
  • All material based on the primary curriculum
  • Open to existing AE Students and newcomers to the AE experience
  • Prior experience with LEGO not required
  • No additional LEGO required
  • Sibling discount available
  • Payment of £25 per month by direct debit

CLICK HERE for Direct Debit Payment set up NOW and to receive your toolbox ready to become an Awesome Engineer!

Email melvyn@awesome-engineers.com or call Melvyn on 07872610750 if you have any questions.


  • If you have a group of 6 or more children, we now offer a special group price
  • The Group Leader recieves the TOOLBOX, BUILD INSTRUCTIONS and WORKSHEETS for FREE
  • Each child will recieve all the benefits of the single kit option (listed above)
  • To find out more, please contact Melvyn on 07872610750 or email  info@awesome-engineers.com



Our son has done a build every week and we really like having a set Saturday morning task! The plane was one of his favourites!! He and his Dad built the spider last week it is an awesome build! He has been loathed to break it down to start the next one. (James aged 8, St Albans)

It’s great that you’ve enabled the kids to be able to continue with this during these times and our son looks forward to it every week. (Joe aged 9, St Albans)

I appreciate your service. Our son has a great time building the models each week. (Dylan aged 5, North London)

Thanks so much for all the Lego entertainment over the last few weeks. (Seren aged 5, North London)
Thank you so much, our son has really enjoyed using the kit and we are looking forward to participate next year in your afternoon clubs! (Alon aged 7, North London)

Our son is passionate about Lego and spends hours on the kit.  Awesome Engineers has been a life saver for us during lockdown. (Alexis aged 5, St Albans)

Thanks for your support throughout this, it’s been really good to have the kit & activities on hand. (Evan aged 6, St Albans)

Our daughter has had fantastic time with the Lego kit and weekly instructions. (Mia aged 5, North London / France)

Our son has been really enjoying the more interactive models using the motor – his favourites have been the windmill and  the spin-dryer. (Eric aged 5, St Albans)

I signed my son up to AE@Home at the beginning of lockdown. It’s been a great addition to our home-schooling material. Through building the models and doing the worksheets, he’s learnt so much about gears, motion, energy, levers, and forces, to name a few! (Henry aged 10, St Albans)

Professor Ernie Experiment will get you excited about Science and Maths!

Awesome Engineers

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